Tuesdays are the worst.

The Pens play Philly tonight.
I have to say my hopes are not that high. I even thought about e-mailing Ed C and making a bet, but I'm certain I'd loose. It's not like I don't WANT us to win, I'm just not sure we can. Thankfully, I have a meeting tonight, so I can't watch.
Speaking of meetings, I had two yesterday, and I have four today. I don't mind the meetings themselves (yesterday I was with Matt and Jake, and that's always a good time), but the whole concept of the word "meeting" drives me insane. I would feel better about it if people said things like "Do you want to get together?" or "Let's hang out" instead of "Let's set up a meeting. I'm not a fan.

Tomorrow at Veritas I'm speaking about Romans 3. That would be nice, except I haven't yet read through Romans 3. Procrastination has a strong hold on me today.
I have a serious post in mind, let's see if I can do it after I read Romans.


theman said...

your blog is intriguing J. nice