Nerd Stuff: New Avengers


Get. Excited.




Greetings friends,

I have been meaning to get back in to blogging more, but truth be told a lot of the stuff I need to write and get off my chest is a bit deep and tragic and hopefully and profound, which all makes it very difficult to write. So I thought I'd start with this:



This is remarkable, because everyone in this city blames our good natured French-Canadian goaltender for everything that has ever felled the Penguins, whilest completely forgetting that with the new coaching regime we've been reminded of what both a decent power play and penalty kill might look like. We forget that he won a Stanley Cup, something not a whole lot of goaltenders out there can say. We also have forgotten that the free agent market for a decent goaltender makes Fleury look like a brick wall in the net. But still, it's all Fluery's fault. The only responsible choice is for readers of the J-Blog to blame everything that goes wrong today on Fleury, because he got a lot of money. 



But as for me and my house, we will proudly wear our Fleury jersey to every Penguins related event for the remainder of the season. #fleurystrong

Go get 'em buddy. Go get em.

Moving Home


Greetings friends!

We're back! After a couple of years at the J-Blog, our hosting had lapsed, and it became clear that it wasn't really worth it to keep paying to have the address. But it feels like blogging is a key element to who I am. It helps me for sure to get my thoughts straight when I'm working on a bigger project for school or a sermon or something like that. So there will be many posts coming soon, including some thoughts on hope and miscarriages, the value of community in dark times, and other topics. We're still going to talk about youth ministry. We're still going to talk about worship music. We're still going to talk about seminary. And of course, we're still going to talk about hockey. But for now, update your subscriptions, add a bookmark or two, and get ready for the insanity!