Greetings friends,

I have been meaning to get back in to blogging more, but truth be told a lot of the stuff I need to write and get off my chest is a bit deep and tragic and hopefully and profound, which all makes it very difficult to write. So I thought I'd start with this:



This is remarkable, because everyone in this city blames our good natured French-Canadian goaltender for everything that has ever felled the Penguins, whilest completely forgetting that with the new coaching regime we've been reminded of what both a decent power play and penalty kill might look like. We forget that he won a Stanley Cup, something not a whole lot of goaltenders out there can say. We also have forgotten that the free agent market for a decent goaltender makes Fleury look like a brick wall in the net. But still, it's all Fluery's fault. The only responsible choice is for readers of the J-Blog to blame everything that goes wrong today on Fleury, because he got a lot of money. 


(H/T www.thepensblog.com)

But as for me and my house, we will proudly wear our Fleury jersey to every Penguins related event for the remainder of the season. #fleurystrong

Go get 'em buddy. Go get em.