Retreat Blog

Hey everybody.
I'm sitting in my office, getting ready for this year's Sr. High Winterfest. To all of you who live in our fine city of Pittsburgh, I feel the need to appologize, as this inordinate amount of snow that has befallen us is completely my fault.
That is was the weather was like the day we left for last year's ski retreat. Remarkable. It actually turned out pretty well, as we were snowboarding in our hoodies and jeans quite comfortably. Today however, the skies opened up. Check out this shot from right outside my office: 
That layer on the top of the pillar came down about 2 hours ago. In my mind, this is the perfect ski retreat situation. It stopped in just enough time to make sure that the roads are cleared, but I bet you a ton of money that it's beautiful at 7 Springs.
I am so pumped for this trip. More on Twitter as the weekend goes!