Wednesday Night Wrap Up: How to make a trophy.

Hey everybody, 
I haven't posted in a couple of days, which makes me feel empty inside. Here's a recap of what went on last night:
How to make a trophy: 
Step one: Procure an item related to the competition in question. For example, if you were to have a beach night, a pineapple from your local grocery would do wonderfully (though a quick lesson from personal experience would teach us that leaving it in your office for more than a week is a bad idea...)

Step Two: Procure gold spray paint. Ideally with a glossy finish.

Step three: Go to town. (This is best done outside your senior pastor's office, so he can note how hard it is you work. However, this can go from bad to worse if you accidentally spray the windows or walls of your senior pastor's office. You will need to take great care to avoid calamity)
For cafe time, we hung out and watched everybody's beach ware. And by everybody's beach ware, we watched the one kid who stole all of our beach stuff because everybody forgot. Pretty rocking.

(You will soon see how this picture relates to the post, however, it is the cause for much debate and speculation. For starters, this guy is my hero. Secondly, he has obviously trained for this event. Look at those legs! But thirdly, and probably source of most of the mystery, why exactly is there a guy in a cap and gown in the background? I believe this is exactly the right situation for a caption contest. Leave a suggestion in the comments...)
For a game last night we played kickball. It's quite a simple game, which usually turns out to be our greatest hits. As we were playing, I was thinking about the new sound system we're hoping to put in our gym for Sunday services, and imagining what calamity would befall it if it were up during the game. Perhaps I have more thinking to do on the subject...

Worship was great, as was our bible study time. Honestly, though we started with Romans 3, we got onto so many tangents throughout the night that I can hardly remember what we talked about, so I don't really have any further thoughts on the subject right now. Perhaps later. 
To celebrate Beach Night, Ed and I are in the office listening to Reggae music. It's a great day!

(He shot the sherrif)
More later,