Sunday Morning Post-Game: Comma Sense

Good morning everyone.
This morning I kicked off a two week series about "Meeting God". First things first: I found this logo on Google Images, and realized it would be perfect for the series.

However, everyone who has seen it claims that it looks like a logo for a major corporation. At first I thought it was big brothers big sisters:
Or perhaps United Way:

So if you know who belongs to the logo I hijacked this morning, you can e-mail me and win the money I'll save by not getting sued...
Today I talked about meeting God. I'm not sure I did a really good job of getting across all the ideas that were in my head. My major point was that God happens in all kinds of weird places. For example, every time I go to the cogos down the street, I see God in the (albeit socially awkward) people who actually care what's going on in your life.
So my question for today is: Where is your favorite unlikely place to meet God?

Go Steelers.