Break's Over

Hello blog world.
The Penguins have bit the big one today. Ouch. I can't watch anymore. We're down 6-1 at the moment to a team we should easily be able to beat to within an inch of their lives. Ugly ugly times.

The plan today was to head back into the studio for another round of recording, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I needed a day of working around the house, focusing on things a little bit bigger than my solo album. Due to my illness, and the amount of stuff I have planned for this CD, I predict it will take months to complete. Yay projects!
(Elmo says "Back to work slacker!")
It's true, I have been very far removed from my standard operating job as Director of Youth Ministry. We've had the last two weeks off, with Christmas and New Years. Before that, I was leading worship at the GLOW services for a few weeks, which was awesome good fun, but it also meant that I had less time to spend with the kids at Veritas.

I feel the need to get back into a routine, a set pattern with schedules and busyness. I don't think I'll have to wait too long for that, as the ski retreat is right around the corner, and of course at the moment absolutely no one has signed up for it. I'll start whipping up some kids tomorrow at The Bridge. Ed is speaking, and that's always exciting.

I need to shower and do something with my life. More later.

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