Monday Morning Update.
Good morning faithful readers. It's time for the Monday Morning update, a useless recounting of what's going on in my world. God grab that cup of coffee, and let's dive in.
Current Listening: I've been very into John Mayer lately. It's really mellow, bluesy, excellent.
Current Reading: Still working through Coffeehouse Theology. Had a couple of really nice e-mail conversations with Ed Cyzewski, and he has agreed to do an interview for the blog review. I'm super pumped about it! With today as my day off, I'm planning on finishing the book by the end of the day, so stay tuned for that excitement.
Bible Study: I've been reading through the Daily Lectionary. So far, they do bounce around quite a bit. But each day also seems to follow a pretty consistent theme, so it makes for an interesting way of reading. When I finish Coffeehouse, I'm planning on getting into a couple of books about Lectio Divina a a bit more enhanced prayer life. But so far so good on the resolution end of the deal.
The Gym: Thanks to Marko at YS, I found this website called Gyminee. It's pretty awesome. I've been following a workout schedule which will run me through four days of working out a week. I went to the gym on Saturday, which wasn't part of the plan, but helped me get back into things. Then Matt Ruth and I went to the gym this morning for the first day of the routine. It was a tough work out, but man I felt really good afterwords!
Big Project: I don't really have a project at the moment, other than to go and do our grociery shopping. Hopefully soon I'll be working out the Veritas summer plans. It's going to be another good one.

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