New Look//What a Day!

(Ed sent me this photo today. Look at that kid!)
Hey kids.
What an exciting day today has been for the J-Blog. (Hey, that's a great name for this place!) I took a moment to update the look of the blog, and take a moment to professionalize it. Another new years resolution, I promise not to change the look of the blog for at least another year. Dig it.

Today after school we took the kids to Chick-Fil-A. We rode in the bus, which I was told had it's battery recharged. I feel lied to. We had to sit in the parking lot for a few hours while my couragous assistant ran back up the hill to get his car to jump the bus.

(Shinning Armor)
It's just been a tremendous day for me. There's like a blizzard hitting Pittsburgh as we speak, so I might be snowed in for a bit. I'd like to unplug for a bit and catch up on reading, but who knows. I can never leave the computer be.