Pass or Fail: Facebook for ministry?

Hey everybody,
When I first started at Westminster, I started a Veritas Facebook page. It was pretty hastily put together, and not very well thought out, but I was pretty intent on meeting the kids where they were in today's youth culture.
But since then, I've been pretty disapointed at what the end result of facebook ends up being. I'm pretty bummed that most kids in our youth group have a difficult time with some of the most basic of human interactions. I'm exceptionally disapointed when the kids "cyber-bully" each other, as I'm certain no one these days has quite the healthy respect for a "wedgie" that I have.
All kidding aside though, I wonder which is better. I wonder if it is better to (in this case in particular) engage the youth culture, and put it to work for our ministry, or is it better to stand our ground and admit that Facebook has some demons? I have a particular leaning, but I'll wait and see what the comments bring.