Sunday Morning Post-Game: For the love of sound systems!!!

It's no secret that the sound/projection system at the Bridge has been on it's last leg for quite a while. We are hoping beyond all hope to have a new solution in due time. I even had two meetings (and you know how I feel about meetings) this week with a pair of companies that would like to bid on the job. However, time being, it's fail city.
Cue funny videos that somehow represent how I felt about our technology set up this morning:

But such is life. The new system is coming, and I will wait with patience.
Jim (as usual these days) gave a sermon that really caused me to think. He spoke about Mark 6, where Jesus is not welcomed in his home town. Lots of people understand this these days, particularly if you've ever worked in your home church. If people knew you when you were wearing diapers, they're not likely to take you serrious as a spiritual director.
(Speaking of not being taken seriously...)
But then Jim flipped it around. What if, those of us who have been studying Jesus for so long, we've known him since we were in diapers, what if we have started to think we've got him pegged? What if we have started to put Jesus in the category of predictable, and thusly robbing the Savior of a large amount of his power in our lives? What would it look like to truly set the spirit of the living Christ free? These are questions I am certain to be pondering in the next few days.
All Star Game tonight. Is it just me, or did the shootout seem staged? We go through a game where 22 goals were scored (11 a piece) and then all of a sudden for 10+ minutes there are no goals? Not only that, but it looked like everyone had just kind of given up. I dunno. I love hockey, and of course I love watching the Penguins, but it seems like everything the NHL does any more is promote itself. Kind of dumb.
Anyway, Geno had a decent showing for us. People were crying that Crosby didn't play. I'm crying that people are upset that he wants to win a Stanley Cup and thusly (and rightly) rested himself by not playing in a pointless show of ego. Ask me how I really feel sometime...

Ed is going to India on Tuesday. I don't know what I'm doing with my life for the next two weeks...
More tomorrow,