Worship Leader

(disclaimer: if you were checking out the blog at any point today during my "logo experimentation", I apologize for subjecting you to that. Obviously I will never touch photoshop again...)
Hello friends.
I am sitting on the couch collecting my thoughts for the up coming Winterfest retreat. For the first time in a long while, my primary role will be that of Worship Leader. I'm not speaking, I'm not leading games. Of course, any time you go anywhere you want to develop relationships with the kids around you, so in that sense I'm always a "youth leader". But as I'm sitting here thinking through the weekend, I'm so totally stoked for what's coming: a whole weekend of idol worship.

(I wish I was that skinny...)
As I'm sitting and reflecting, I'm struck by some of the awesome worship experiences that have happened in the times of the Bible. I'm thinking about Elijah, up on that mountain praying to God, and then out of nowhere fire comes down from heaven. I'm thinking of David dancing around in the streets naked, because God has provided him with a victory. I'm thinking about Jesus just simply thanking God for the followers who by his teachings changed the face of the human world forever.
I have to let my heart be careful. My first instinct is to assume that such epic and glorious things will not befall us while we are at Camp Harmony this weekend. My first instinct is to not get my hopes up. My first instinct is to assume that all we will have is a couple of guitars and a loud sound system. But I don't want to be that way, and I have Jim's sermon from Sunday still ringing loudly in my ears. 
What if I've become so familiar with who I think Jesus is and what I think Jesus will do that my expectations are far too low for this weekend? What would it take for me to assume that fire will in fact come down from heaven? Not in the sense that every song will sound perfect or that I will break absolutely no strings, but in the sense that I am willing to step back and watch for Jesus moving in our students. What if I walked into this weekend assuming wonderful things were in store for us?
I kind of want my heart to be where it was when I was a kid at Christmas time. I used to wake up at 6 in the morning on Christmas Day, and my sister and I would sit atop the stairs. My parents wouldn't allow us to go downstairs without them, and they wouldn't let us wake them up before 7 (a policy I now fully understand and support). And so I would sit at the top of the stairs, knowing full well that something amazing was just a moment or two in my future, I just had no idea what it was.
May God make it so in my worship...
PS: I've been reading Jesus For President, and so don't be surprised if there's a Politics/Christianity post tonight.