Everyone else has a snow day!

Hey everybody!
I'm in the office, and reading my friend's twitters and blogs, it would appear that there is a blizzard in every direction of Upper Saint Clair, but some how the bubble itself got out of it. I don't mind working, like I said I've been missing being with the kids on Wednesday nights. But we're getting this ugly, nasty rainy stuff that just makes my heart sad. Why can't we have the fluffy stuff?
The Penguins finally got off their duff last night and won a game. PetrSkyora (it's not two names people, listen to him say it) had himself a game, and Sid finally put a few away. Of course, all of this happened before I got home last night, so I didn't get to see anything but replays. I'm not complaining. We won. Now maybe we can have a little bit of that thing called confidence and win a few more.
A few months ago, I posted my choices for Bible Translations. I mentioned that I thought The Message had a place, but that I just hadn't quite found it yet. Well, thanks to Coffeehouse Theology (which I would have finished by now if that whole having to work to get money thing didn't get in the way...still have till Sunday to stay on target) I picked up a copy of "Solo", which is a copy of The Message which is meant to get you through the whole Bible in a year using Lectio Divina. I picked it up to see if the youth kids would benefit from such a book, but man I love it a bunch! It's a bit better than trying to do my devotionals with the Lectionary, which just bops you around the scriptures with no rhyme or reason. Am I a hypocrit for hating this translation one day and then loving it the next? You be the judge.
Tonight we're doing Romans 2 at Veritas. I ought to read it a bit more and come up with a couple of questions, or it's going to be a long night of kids starring at me with blank faces.