Sunday Morning Post-Game: A Slice of Pie?

Good afternoon friends.
Today was one of the rare occasions in which I preached, felt good about it, and felt like others felt good about it too. It was a message about evangelism, which for Presbyterians is really difficult. I wonder why that is? Those who identify with the Evangelical branch of Christianity have little to no problem sharing their faith, and while I might disagree with their methods, their heart is totally in the right place. May we find the same heart!
But anyway, the big illustration I used was this: What if you met somebody who had never tasted pizza before? How would you explain it to them? Would you use a photograph?
(Just a picture)
Would you try to break down the ingredients (in the same way a Theologian might show you parts of God)?
(Not the whole picture)
Or would you try to mime it out, trying only to display the joy of eating a pizza?
Each of those ideas may be helpful tools in bringing somebody to Christ. But to truly introduce somebody to the living Christ, they have to taste and see him for themselves. You can do a combination of the above mentioned strategies, but until we're leading people to taste the goodness of the living Christ, they are all just pieces of the puzzle, and not the solution.
Pens 3, Rangers 0.
We made a huge trade yesterday to bring in a new goalie. All the press seemed to indicate the thinking was to put a little pressure on Fleury. I thought he would play the game of his life today. I was right.

(Knows what's going on.)
Just one more game before a MUCH needed break. Imagine how great we might be if some of our injured players have a moment or two to rest up and heal up! Things would be great!
Huge game today. Ed has said that if the Steelers and the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl and you have unfinished business in Oakland, get to it. It will likely burn down.
(Burn baby burn)
That was a long post-game. I'm going to see if I can go back through the blog and update the lables. See ya next time!