Wednesday Night Wrap Up (And other ramblings)

Hey everybody!
Here for our weekly Wednesday Wrap Up. It was (as predicted) super awesome to be back in the game, hanging out with the kids.
Cafe Time: Goodness gracious. We had breakfast for dinner. I consumed above and beyond the daily recommended dose for sausage. Seriously, there was none left. It was indeed intense. We also honored David Carrouso's birthday by passing out the following "CSI: Miami One Liner Comics".
(Fill it in yourself!)
For those unfamiliar:

The Game: Game time actually wound up being a game I came up with. Ed said he was going to be doing a series with the middle schoolers on David, so we played a version of dodgeball called David and Golliath. I don't think the kids totally hated it either. We had two teams, one team was "David", and acted as such by playing on their knees. The other team was "Golliath", and they had to pair up and give each other piggy back rides. Super fun. It ended kind of quickly, so we moved on and played Gold Rush. So many cheaters in our youth group. Not sure how to handle that...
Worship: I actually spent worship time outside with the elders, but from that vantage point could hear why I love working with teenagers so much. They really seemed to be digging the worship set, and they were singing quite loudly.

Message Time: The senior highers and I discussed Romans 2, and the implications of judgement. Actually, we went all over the map, from judgement, to God's wrath, to Bible translation, to the concept of cold not existing (there will probably be a blog post about this last one later...). It was a good night to hang out with everyone.
Rock Star Part Two:
A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that the Post Gazette had interviewed me. You can check out the interview here.
Goals Acomplished!
Last night I wrapped up Coffeehouse Theology. Instead of doing a review, author Ed Cyzewski has offered to do a blog-interview right here on the Lunatic Blog! This is truly exciting! I wrapped up the book in the wee hours last night, so I'm going to take a few minutes today to write up some interview questions for him. I'm currently at Panera studying, and I've brought with me three other books that I'd like to dive into. More on the reading stuff later.
No Dupuis or Tank tonight. Comeon guys!

That's all for now.