I Love Billy Mays/Pressure's On.

Sarah and I are sitting on the couch, preparing our collective dinners. Billy Mays came on the TV. I stand here to tell you, every time I see a Billy Mays comercial, I am saying "I love you Billy Mays". There is but one soul who can even stand up to Billy Mays' awesome power:

Today Ian Gallo came by the church to record. Ian does not at all enjoy recording, but I very much enjoy it. Good times. Good times.
ridiculous e-mail by you.
As I mentioned previously, I am reading Coffeehouse Theology right now, and I plan on reviewing it here at the olde blog. I mentioned I have some disagreements with the author after reading the intro and the first chapter.
Then it turns out, the author has been to my blog.
I seriously thought that the only people who read this blog was my wife and perhaps some mentally disturbed guy in his bathtub in Columbus. Apparently not! Apparently this is the place for movers and shakers!
I don't want to give too much away, but now that I am in to chapter 5, the book has picked up quite a bit. More for the official review.
Pens and Bruins tonight. Some inspirational English please:

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