Book Review: Marley and Me
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As previously mentioned, my plan is to read at least a book every two weeks. In my busy life, I don't always have time to read, but that's a lie. I have tons of time to read, I just never use it wisely. So I'm going to read more as a means to pass time while I'm home and on my day off. To help with this, I'm planning on reviewing the books I read. This is more to keep me reading, as I'm sure no one out there cares what I think about books. Here we go.

This is the reason I first picked up Marley and Me. Sarah and I got a dog just a few months before we were married, kind of on a fluke. We were originally going to get a really neat looking dog that came with tons of dreadlocks:
Obviously the name for such a creature would be Marley, as in Bob Marley. However, when we found ourselves at a friends wedding being offered a lab-poodle mix for a relatively small amount of money, we couldn't pass it up. The name however was transferable.
Shortly after we brought Marley home, the book became really popular. The other day when I was in my parent's house, I found Marley and Me sitting on my mom's bookshelf, and I borrowed it.

Ok, I'm done building the background.
John Grogan is one of those authors who writes like I think, which should scare the daylights out of he and his family. The book has a wit and a charm that makes you want to turn pages at a fevered pace. The Marley of the book is a yellow lab, known for very little beyond getting into tremendous trouble. Marley in the book actually reminded me a bit more of the golden retriever I had growing up than our current K-9.  It's one of those books that after sitting here reading the end of it, I can't imagine the film currently in theaters has any hope of being nearly as good as the book.
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