Hey everybody.
As mentioned in the Monday Morning update, just as I was wrapping up I was called and asked for an interview with a lovely reporter from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Such a sentence is great, because it pretty much just hangs out there and causes more questions than answers.
The truth is, I'm starting a class here at the church for garage bands who want to know a little bit more about the practical side of rock and roll. How do you set up gigs, how do you record a CD, how do you promote yourself, etc. I feel thoroughly unqualified to teach such a class, but Lisa from the WROC assures me it's a good idea, much like I'm sure this guy's friends told him this would be a good idea:

It felt so weird to be interviewed, particularly while I was in the middle of cleaning my office. (You might note that the call came both while I was cleaning the office AND while I was blogging. Procrastination strikes again). How could anyone possibly care about what I had to offer as a 25 year old musician?

I struggle with pride. Not stupid pride, where people refuse to take credit for their decent work, a sort of "awww shucks" kind of pride. When this woman was asking me about the kind of music we play at the Bridge, it was all I could do to not start bragging about the albums of music I have written for our lovely congregation. It was all I could do not to promote the blog, in the vain hopes that more people would read it than my wife (Love you dear!). I kept my cool, knowing that such shameless self promotion would only be seen by the reporter as dorky.
So for the moment, pride is kept at bay for all the wrong reasons (I held my pride back so I wouldn't look bad...ironic?). Perhaps another dive into that pile of garbage under our desk will help straighten me out!


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