Christmas Party

I am over-dosing on Full Throttle. A friend of ours (because calling him a "former student" would be a gross understatement of our relationship) brought us a Christmas present based upon our most recent lock-in pep talk:

I've developed quite an unhealthy addiction to this substance, but I'm really alright with it. Ed had to stop me the other day from drinking two in a row, because he felt like it would end my life. I disagreed, but after hearing a few horror stories about people who actually went into caffeine inspired cardiac arrest, I put the FT down in light of a diet cola. 
I am planning our Veritas Christmas party and our Veritas Volunteers Christmas party. I think it's going to be a quite lovely affair. We managed to finish the media room this week, with the help of Dr. Jim (the parent, not the pastor). I promise, I think he's a robot.

I love celebrating with people. I'm getting all kinds of giddy at the idea of people together in a room enjoying each other's company. I mean, Wednesday night is always like that, but something is different about Christmas. I'm excited. 
I should do a bit more work today though...more later.