Toys, Blues, And Traffic.

Greetings one and all. The events of the day came together in such a way that it resembled getting a pencil shoved in your eye. But the rewards were wonderful.
I went to get the extra guitar rig for the Bridge. Christmas eve is going to be spectacular, and we needed to gear up for it.
First of all though, I must brag:
We had this VOX amp from the about the first week of my tenure at Westminster. However, it broke, and we were too lazy to do anything about it. However, knowing that we would require some more power in our set up, I spent about 20 minutes with it today, and got it back in working order. Then I paired it with it's brand new love (though we'll have to share her affection):

A brand new Fender (not Squire, like I probably would have bought for myself due to my overwhelming poorness) Telecaster. When paired with the above repaired VOX, this thing is just solid beauty. The tones that were coming from the amp made me want to sit down and weep. It's the perfect combination of blues and grit, oh...I wish blogs were capable of describing the tones that were coming from this marvelous set up. 
Of course this leads to a dilema. My gear:
Taylor 314ce (At the shop unfortunately, stupid wiring) named Valentine
Yamaha Compass named Arallia
Ephiphone Dot Studio named Micah
Ukelela named Pineapple.
Fender Telecaster- no name!

Question: What should I name my the new addition to the family?