Feelin good...

Christmas time is here. I am still on vacation, visiting our friends Keith and Emily. They have moved into a nice new house down here in DC (or more accurately northern Virginia), and it's been good to get away and spend some time chillin. Sort of like a de-tox from work.
I've been spending some serious time working on my book about my Malawi trip. As I was there in August, I wrote Sarah a letter every day of the trip, trying my best to detail everything I could to her. Now, I'm taking the notebook of letters, and trying my best to put it all into words. I actually started the project right after I got home from Africa, and started two chapters. But lately I've been working on my writing skills, and the Africa project seemed to be the best place to work. I spent this morning finishing the third chapter, and re-viewing it and re-writing certain sections. I started chapter four, but it's about a dear friend I met in Malawi named Silas, and it's really hard for me to put into words how he and I interacted during my time there. Chapter four is going to be difficult.
(giraffe butt...)
We're getting ready for a day out on the town, including coffee shops, christmas shopping, and a trip to the national zoo to see some pandas. All in all, the vacation has been wonderful. I wrote a new song while I was down here too, based on this news article.
Sad world.
Anyway, I should get ready for the day. Enjoy!