New Years Resolutions

Hello friends,
I was a little bit ill for the last few days, so I've been sitting on the couch doing nothing. I think atrophy set in for a little bit there. However, as is usually the case with illness for me, I woke up this morning as though nothing had ever happened. I feel like a million bucks, and so I am back on the wonder drug.
I'm reflecting on my new years resolution. As is so infrequently the case, the President of the United States (current) had a bit of an influence on me. It turns out that Karl Rove had challenged the President to read at least one book a week as a New Year's Resolution.
(Upside down)
So I got to thinking about what my New Year's resolution should be, and actually there are a ton of them. So I figured I would share them with you, the readers. I'm not sure which will stick, but these are what I'm thinking about resolving myself towards right now:
  • Read at least one book every two weeks. (Let's face it, I am not the fastest or most avid reader out there. But I really want to become a better writer, and everyone says to do that I must become a better reader. Game on)
  • Be absolutely solid in my devotions and quiet time. (As a youth leader, I am horrible at this. I talk and talk about how the Bible should have a central place in our lives, but then I don't really live it out. I think too often I use the excuse of "Would a mail man go for a walk?" In other words, it's what I do for work, should I read it at home? Lame.)
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. (I bought a gym membership with Matt and Ed not too long ago, and at this point have all but abandoned going. Again, there are plenty of excuses, none of which are any good. I think going hand in hand with this resolution is getting a better grasp on my time management, because up till this point it's been pretty piss-poor.)
  • Do a better job around the house. (Sarah is infinitely neater than I am, and it's beginning to show. This must come to an end.)
(Four. Four resolutions. Ah ah ah!)
Four New Years resolutions. Very much do-able. 
How about this, for acountability, I will post on Mondays and keep everyone up to speed on where I stand with each of them? What book I'm reading, what book in the Bible I'm working through, what I've done at the gym that week, and what I've done around the house that week? Game on. No one reads this, but game on. 
PS, haven't posted a stupid youtube video in a while. 

PPS, The Pens play tonight, and they haven't won two in a row since forever ago. They're due.