Sunday Post Game: Sore throat blues.
Good day everyone.
If you've been following my twitter, you know that I've had a pretty sore throat the last couple of days. I've been hoping and hoping that it would go away by this morning so I could lead worship, but alas it did not. We suffered through it though.
It was actually kind of cool. The Bridge sort of turned into a coffee house environment, with just me, EWoo, and Rob Shogry playing. It was hip.
Tammy spoke this morning. She spoke from Luke 2:25-30, one of my favorite post-Christmas passages. She spoke about joy, and how we seem to loss track of joy in the midst of whatever might be going on in our lives, whether it's financial difficulty, or illness, or family situations. She noted that we treat joy kind of like desert, we're allowed to have it only after we've gotten through the broccoli of life.
The thing she wrapped up with at the end of her sermon really stuck with me. She said that she was ending this sermon with no challenge. No instructions, no improvements to be made. All we were to do was to enjoy God's world today, and soak in the joy. So as I sit on the couch, grasping my hot tea and preparing to sleep off the cold, I'm not going to feel a twinge of guilt. I'm going to let God's joy over-flow, and invade the living room.
Oh, and I'm going to take joy in the utter destruction that's coming the Brown's way.


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