Tiger Woods.

I thought I'd take some time and weigh in on the Tiger Woods deal that's going on in our media right now, since it obviously impacts every aspect of our lives from grocery shopping down to whether or not Santa is real (he is, trust me.)

Tiger has always seemed to me to be a stand up kind of guy. Maybe I'm dim, but I feel like he still is. The news that he crashed his car was surrounded by this sort of "what if" mentality, assuming everything from domestic abuse to aliens coming down and sucking out his brain. While those options sound cool, I don't think they're really based in any sort of reality.

He mentioned that he's screwed up here on his website. This is likely in reference to the news that broke earlier today that he has had an affair with several women in the course of his marriage. That's a mega bummer kids. I was remarking to Ed that it feels like the only thing one has to do to be better than a celebrity these days is not have sex with someone other than your spouse. Please understand, that this blog post is not in defense of those actions.

What it is in defense of is Tiger's handling of events, or at least how I perceive them from his note. It seems like in spite of the struggles, Tiger and his wife are talking it through. He seems to understand that he's done something wrong, and that they need to work together toward forgiveness. If that's truly what's happening (and maybe that's a bigger if than I'm giving it credit for) then he's doing the right thing.

I'd like to know where we fit in. Does it really concern us at all? My favorite part of all of this was last night, watching the news, and hearing the "shocking" "breaking news" that Tiger was assigned a fine for his accident. Apparently "shocking" and "breaking news" are words that mean $165 fine. $165? I've done worse than that when I was 16. So why is that news? (Or maybe more importantly, how come I've never been on the news?)

My point is this: leave the guy alone. He's a sinner, to be sure. But so am I, and for that matter so are you. If you know Tiger personally and you feel like as a brother or sister in Christ you can challenge him and encourage him, then do so, but if you have never met him in your life, then let it go. Don't watch news stories about it. Don't comment on the story. Don't get huffed about it.

And whatever you do, don't read someone else's blog about it.