I finally did it!

Hello friends!
After years of talking a big game, I finally went out and did it. If you take a gander at my wedding ring in the above photograph, you will realize that I am not wearing my ring. In fact, I am wearing a tattoo! It's the Hebrew word "Ahavah" which is one of the words for love. Sarah and I each got the same tattoo on our wedding bands, just to remind everybody that we are crazy go nuts in love with each other. But just in case you are one of our youth who are reading this blog, there are some rules for tattoo getting that I'd like to enforce for you today:

  1. You must be 18. This is a rule anyway at most tattoo parlors, but tattoos are forever. I can't think of a decision I made at 16 that I was happy with all the way to now. Plus then your parents won't bug me.
  2. Even if you are 18, you need to be self sufficient and on your own. Let's face it, if your parents pay for college, and they don't want you getting a tattoo, you have a lot to loose! Wait until you're on your own, or until you have your parents blessing. And by that I mean they say "ok" without looking at you like you just threw up on the carpet.
  3. This is a big one: You have to know what you want, where you want it, what color you want it in, and every other possible detail about the tattoo for an entire year before you get it. This is critical, even for big people like me. I have a tendancy to change my hairstyle, facial hair, clothing, shoes, and sometimes even cars on a fairly regular basis because I get bored. But like I said before, tattoos are forever, so you need to settle in to the design of it for a good long while. Trust me on this one. I have some friends from college who got a little bit tipsy and decided to get a really sick eagle eating a fish on their arm. They regret it to this day. Think long and hard!
So there you have it. I'm inked. It really changes my whole attitude towards life. I'm not just a guy drinking coffee. I'm a guy with a tattoo drinking coffee!