Stormy Weather

Ever experience a time of stormy weather in your life? Where things just aren't as good as they could be? Little pressures outside of your control are starting to gain momentum and place unmanageable weight on your chest.

It's not cool.

And it's exactly where I am right now. There's a lot going on in the more personal side of my life, and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming. Financial woes. Health woes for Sarah. Melvin the Terrible (seriously, the dog would eat anything). There's a lot of pressure coming from the outside, and it's kind of weighing heavy on my heart. I think it would be easy to fall into some sort of depressed state, which would make me unbearable to be around for a season of time.


I was doing the dishes last night, and as I put everything away, I realized that I'm content with the life I have. Donald Miller spoke a great deal at the National Youth Workers Convention about conflict, and how conflict plays a role in our lives. Conflict will always be there. The clouds will always have some sort of greyish tint to them. But that doesn't mean you don't have to take some time to thank God for all you have.

Like a clean kitchen.

I spent some time reading the Psalms, and I realized that David was excellent at this tension, living in the storm and being completely content with the man God made him to be. I want to be more like David.

Where are the storm clouds in your life? And can you find a way to be both secure in God, and surrounded by storms at the same time?