A generous offer.

Hello friends,
This morning, former YS president and all around awesome guy Marko made the following offer on his blog:

so here’s what i’m offering: i’ll come to consult with you or have lunch with you or, shoot, mow your freakin’ lawn for absolutely free, if you spring for my united round trip ticket and i can do it in one day (without an overnight). if you need me to stay a night (like, because you want me to speak in the evening to your youth group or women’s quilting club), i’ll do the same thing, but will offer an absurdly reduced honorarium off my normal rate.

Unfortunately, by the time Ed and I read this offer, he had already made his plans. How awesome would it have been to bring Marko to Veritas? VERY!

But as we were sitting in the office, Ed realized that it was actually a pretty sweet idea, so we want in on that. We'll make the same deal as Marko. Pay for our flight somewhere, and we will come speak for you, have a lunch meeting with you, mow your lawn (at first I was hesitant about this one, but if you live some place where the weather is conducive to lawn mowing, I'm game), lead worship for your service, or even pretend to be your friend in public. That's a pretty sweet deal!

The offer is good for either me, Ed, or both of us together. Of course, we'll probably bring our wives and at least six carry-on bags of Siamese Frogs.

Of course, just leave the details in the comments section, and we'll be on our way.




Sarah said...

Don't forget the dogs.. and robo dwarf hamsters...