Elections Inspector

Wow. This story is too good to pass up!
So in November, on November the 3rd to be exact, my wife and I went to the church down the road to vote in the local elections. My wife takes voting VERY seriously, and has started to rub off on me a little bit.

So as I stood in the booth looking at the screen, I had picked out everyone I was voting for. Some positions I knew going into the booth who I would be voting for. Mayor of Pittsburgh, a couple of City Council Members, a Judge here or there. But from there, if I didn't have any prior knowledge, or just didn't care, I would vote for whoever had the coolest sounding name. This might seem dumb, but it's never failed me before.

Until now.

Because as I scrolled through the names available to me on that fateful day, I realized that there was absolutely no one running for Elections Inspector. That wouldn't do! Who would inspect the elections? Where would we find such a hero if no one was willing to do the job? And so, doing something I've dreamed about doing since high school, I wrote in my own name.

I figured this was slightly more responsible than nominating David Crowder or something like that. You might think I'm a horrible person, that I didn't take the election process seriously enough. You would be right. But I figured nothing terrible could come of this, right? I mean, it was only one vote. No one else would be writing my name in.

Well, remember how they say that one vote DOES make a difference?

Today I received a letter in the mail informing me on my recent victory! One vote was more than enough to get me into the Election Inspector's office for my ward, and so I am now an elected official. Well, I will be once I notarize the stuff and send it in. I thought about declining, but I need to own up for what I did, and it seems like a pretty cool gig to boot. I knew when I wrote myself in that it would have to be for a position I was ok with doing if I won, and that is absolutely what happened.

So we'll add that to the olde resume. For one day a year I get to gorge myself on awesome hot dogs and all the donuts and coffee I can handle, and inspect all the elections. I know we'll be in this neighborhood for at least one more year, so we'll see how long I last at my post.

UPDATE: Hey everybody! I officially accepted the post! I'm waiting to hear more details from my boss, the Judge of Elections. But I absolutely accepted! AMAZING!

But it is safe to say that this is one of the best stories I've ever been a part of!




bryan said...

hahah that's great, congrats man