Chrome goes Mac. A review.

After months and months of waiting, Google has finally released a beta version of Chrome for Mac. Sarah has been using Chrome on her PC for a while, and really likes it. So I thought I'd share some thoughts on the Mac version, and offer some suggestions to improve upon it for any of those Google developers who happen to swing by the site.

1. It's flipping fast.
It's true, Chrome is a wicked fast application. It loads in absolutely no time at all, and loads most web pages in a fraction of the time it took me to in Firefox. MacLife claims that Safari is still a little faster than Chrome, but I can't really notice the difference. And because I'm not professional at all, I like the customizability when it comes to themes and such.

2. Downloads are cleaner.
I have never really been wild about having a separate window for downloads. It easily gets lost on my already cluttered desktop, and I loose track of my processes. Chrome does all of its downloads in a pretty descrete status bar at the bottom of the page, which I totally dig.

3. Front page pros and cons.
The very first page you see when you open a new window of chrome is the six most popular sites you visit. This is really handy, and it was something that Safari already had going for it. The thing that Chrome could improve upon here is the flexibility of that page. At the present, you are limited to six (Safari let you expand to quite a few more). However, a feature that I love as someone who all too often closes a tab too quickly, is that Chrome puts the most recently closed tabs at the bottom of your screen, in case of accidents.

Really, my only major complain with Chrome at the moment is the lack of ability to organize your book marks. Once they're imported from Safari, you're kind of stuck with them. I'm sure that's something they'll fix with the official release, but it kind of bugs me right now.

But all in all I'd give it a couple of thumbs up! If you're a Mac user (or a PC for that matter), I highly recommend Chrome for all your browsing needs!




Sarah said...

You can organize your bookmarks, at least in the PC version. Go to tools, bookmark manager.