Teaching Advent in a Consumeristic Culture.

I've been planning a couple of sermons to deliver in the Advent season. Traditionally Advent is a time of preparing our hearts for Christ's arrival. Working through this with a group of adults on a Sunday morning worship service is one thing, working through this with a youth group is a completely different challenge.

How can we learn to wait when we get anything we want as fast as a swipe of plastic? How can we learn to wait when we have all the information we could ever need or want at our finger tips at all hours of the day? How can we value silence when we are surrounded by background music and noise?

This Advent season, my hope is to impress upon our folks the importance of waiting and silence. Figuring out how is actually fairly easy, it's making it a priority in our lives that's difficult. Of course, I'd love any suggestions from you guys! Feel free to post in the comments below why you think concepts like "waiting" and "silence" are important to the Christian life.