Another Generous Offer!

Hey friends!
Almost a year ago, I started a friendship through J-Blog with author Ed Cyzewski. He had written a book called Coffeehouse Theology, and I was a sucker for a book with a good cover, so I read it. Turns out it was more than just the cover that was solid! It's a real good read! After mentioning I was reading it here on J-Blog, Ed offered to do a blog interview. Since then we've become pretty solid friends. He stayed at my house for a couple days last spring, and even watched a Pens game with me. (The true sign of a friend...)

But, today he's promoting his book pretty hard core, and I'd like to help. If you click on the link at the top of J-Blog, you'll be sent to a site where you can get several free things:

  • A free Bible Study Guide that goes with Coffeehouse Theology.
  • A free coupon code for 35% off the actual book Coffeehouse Theology (that's a steal friends!)
  • And if you help with the promotion by forwarding e-mails or mentioning it on your blog, you'll be eligible to download the Coffeehouse Theology Contemporary Issues Guide.

Come on youth pastors! You know you like the word "Free!" Thanks to Ed for making this offer available to us!

Leave some comments if you have any questions!