The Week that Wasn't.

Hello bloggers.
My dad and my grandfather were very vocal about their love of hard work. As I was growing up, I constantly remember hearing things like "If you work harder, you'll have more time to relax" and "Work smarter, not harder." Growing up, I also recall not listening to them very much. Why do stuff now when you could do stuff later after watching TV? The logic made perfect sense in my brain. But as I've grown a little bit older and hopefully wiser, I've adopted the plan of working super hard early on so as to have more lazy time later.

So, simply put, this week is entirely their fault.

We spent a lot of time working the past couple of months on next week's Alive festival trip. We have been at this a little while now, so some of the pitfalls of the past were easily avoided. We organized the meals with one of our coolest (and also most organized) volunteer families. We checked how many tents we had. We got the trailer to haul everything. Everything is set for Alive.

So this week, there is nothing to do.

Sure, I'm preaching on Sunday, and that's a sermon that's going to need to be written. But even that is mostly done in my head, it just needs to find its way to paper. We could possibly start planning next year's Veritas schedule, but at the moment we'd like a week or so to cleanse ourselves of last year before we start diving in over our heads. There is nothing going on this week.

We are bored.

So the moral of the story is, if you have any ideas or suggestions of things to do during the work week this week, we'd love to hear from you. Otherwise, I'm going to waste away on Twitter.

Oh, and of course,

Let's go Pens!!!