Sunday Post Game: Things to do!

Greetings bloggers!
What a day! What a weekend! Things have been out of control around here. Those boring days of last week are officially gone, and have been replaced by the insane and hectic schedule that is summertime. I love it! Let's see what all we have in store for a post-game report today!

Today I preached at the Bridge. I was nervous as all giddy up going into the service, because I didn't feel like I had a good grip on where I was taking the sermon. It was a lot of stats, and a big illustration, but it really didn't have a whole lot of legs before I got up on the stage. But then as typically happens, I was given words from the Holy Spirit. This is not to say that we as preachers can slack off in preparing our message, but that occasional one-liners would pop up that I am no where near smart enough to come up with on my own. My favorite was "You couldn't ask the disciples of Acts 2 what they did at church this week, because they ARE the church this week." Good.

We talked about Twitter and Facebook and Myspace and blogging. We talked about how we as a culture are trying so very hard to be connected to each other, but we're doing it with relatively shallow and unfulfilling tools. It's not to say that any of these things are bad (obviously), but that if we look to them to fulfill us, we're going to be sadly disappointed. Maybe the church needs to take over, and become the ultimate social networking reality.

Tomorrow morning, I am heading in to work (on a Monday? Gasp!) to attend the Fishers of Men group that meets at our church at an un-godly hour of the morning. Some of the guys have been asking for me to join them for quite some time, and so I figure it's probably about time.

Then I'm headed to South Hills Village, where I will promptly take the T downtown to view the excitement that is the Stanley Cup parade in the city of Pittsburgh. The parade doesn't start until noon, but I truly think I'm going to leave right after fishers of men (at what, like 8?) to ensure my place by the stage. I have waited a long time for this. I haven't been able to go to many games this year. The least that could happen would be for me to get up close and personal with the cup. Which again, it goes with out saying, well done boys!

Then I'm headed back to the office, where Ed and I will do our inital packing for Alive. The trailer has been in the parking lot for about four days now. I look at it every time I pass through, and excitement floods my heart. I can't wait to go! It's going to be such a spectacular trip!

Then we're headed down to Kennywood park to hang out with the kids on their picnic day. How cool is my job? We were praised this morning for having attended a student's graduation party last night. You're doing this job well when you go to parties? Sick. This is exciting stuff indeed.

There is so much to do before we leave at noon on Tuesday. I'm trying to set up a daily post on the blog for the 5 days that I'll be away. So far I have one written, so there's some work to be done there. I would like to clean the house a little bit for Sarah, as she seems to be a little bit more at ease when the house is in good order. I also need to do our grocery run for the week, and start packing my clothes and such for the trip. A fully plate awaits me this week, but I can handle it!