The book and the poll.

So I'm writing a book.
It started kind of the same way that most of my book ideas start, as I was starring down the summer calendar and realizing how much time I was going to have to invest in such a project. In my life, if a book is ever going to get written, it's going to be in the summer time. There is a timetable ahead of me, and these precious windows of free time don't happen often.
But I don't want to write just any old book. I could probably throw together a pretty good story about a crime fighting insurance salesman. Yeah, this guy would sell auto insurance by day, and throw on a cape and tights and run around town catching the bad guys. He could fall in love with a customer, which would be an ethical dilema. It could become a further ethical dilema when he finds out that she's actually his arch nemesis Ratwoman. He struggles with her, and that stupid gecko. The thing practically writes itself.
But really, I wanted to solve some problems along the way. Most authors will tell you that you start with writing what you know. Really, the only two things I know with any kind of authority are youth ministry, and worship leading. And that's when it hit me. There are very few people in the world who are incredibly skilled at both at the exact same time. Which winds up leaving a good many youth pastors who desperately want to lead their students in worship, but don't have the foggiest idea how. And that's where the book comes in.
But I'm going to need your help along the way.
As I chip away at this thing, I'm going to be using Monday mornings to blog, and post a question to the faithful readers. If I do my job right, I should be able to come up with questions that worship leaders, youth pastors, and students could all answer and provide some insight to. If you could post your response in the comments, it would be incredibly super helpful.
So, here's this weeks question:
"What's the most memorable worship experience you had as a student?"
Go to town. I'm going to get cracking on Chapter three.