The Last Dance.

Ok. Usually my posts about the Penguins are quick little blurbs in the midst of slightly more important or significant things. This is not so today. We are just 11 hours away from the game, and my heart is already tied in knots.

I have been in love with the Penguins since I was about 8 years old. I am one of the select few in the Steel City who enjoy hockey way more than football. I spend my off season reading blogs, catching up on free agent news, stuff like that. Penguins season is almost never over for me, it goes through the whole year.

And yet, win or lose tonight, it is the absolute last game of the season. There's no possibility for more. After 60 minutes (please, Lord, no overtime tonight. Cardiac arrest will follow) the season will end. I'm not a hockey expert, but I don't think anyone is going quietly tonight.

I know it's just a sport. I know that my life will not be much different when I wake up tomorrow morning one way or another. I know that there are bigger and greater things to spend my time on. But this is special. This is once in life-time kind of stuff. Not very many people get to lift Lord Stanley's Cup.

But what could be the most exciting portion of this evening is the fact that my great friends Matt and Ruth are getting married tomorrow. With the rehearsal tonight, there will be a great number of friends in from out of town. Hopefully, after we do what must be done tonight in the way of walking down aisles and not tripping, everyone will sneak back over to our place for the game. There's something special about what happens when all of our friends gather together for someone's wedding. Usually laughter to the point of tears follows. Joy is never far behind for events like this. So even if the Pens hoist the cup, I have a sinking suspicion that it will be upstaged by the events of tomorrow!