Sunday Post-Game: Spiritual

Hello friends!
Worship was EXCELLENT on Sunday! In more than a few ways. We actually got to play twice, which always ends up being extra sweet. 
For Sunday morning, Mandi was the worship leader, with a backing band that could play professionally if you ask me. We had acoustic guitar, me on electric, bass, drums, and Rob on organ. It was stupendous. We also threw a few new songs at the congregation, and they seemed to go over pretty well!
  • Nothing but the Blood
  • I will worship
  • You are so good to me
  • All who are thirsty (New)
  • Awesome is the Lord most High (New)
Jim was the preacher on Sunday, and spoke about people who claim to be spiritual but not religious. It was one of the best I've heard from Jim in a while, something I think is absolutely critical for people in my generation to hear. Not just those who do in fact claim to be spiritual but not religious, but for those of us who take reaching non-Christians seriously. 

Some notable quotes:

"Who isn't disappointed in the gap between what church is and what church could be?"

"To repent, we have to hand ourselves over to God."

"Even Jesus was reluctant to say "But I'm a good person."

It was a super good morning.

(PS: As I write stuff about these sermons, if you become interested I would encourage you to visit, where you can download MP3s of almost every sermon)

Sunday afternoon, we played at the church's strawberry festival. It was a pretty similar band to what played on Sunday morning, only I stepped in for Mandi. We played about 45 minutes worth of worship music, and just had a really awesome good time. Rob busted out his harmonica a couple of times, an instrument I had no idea he was proficient at! It was just a super cool time, until I broke Beth's Corn Hole game...
Today, I am being lazy. I'm going to take a nap pretty soon, and then hopefully work a little bit on my book. Catch you guys later!