Good morning friends.
As mentioned in my last post, I really want to get in the habit of blogging just a bit more than I typically have been these past weeks. And so, as I spent the morning going through my Google reader, I thought perhaps I should share with you some of the blogs out there that have captured my attention, and give them some props. Here are your Links-N-At!
-Here's a great post by author Ed Cyzewski about that whole Prop 8 mess. If you ask me, Ed has nailed it in this controversial issue. 
-From a couple of days ago, Marko from youth specialties has ended his blog. On the one hand I'm really bummed because it was some of my must read material through the week, but on the other hand I'm super pumped that Marko could make such an awesome decision in his personal life. Such decisions are never easy. 

-John from Human3rror always has some of the best caption contests. Plus, the comments section led me to this video:

That's a good start, considering I came up with this idea AFTER I had cleared everything from my Google reader. I'll try to get more in next time we do this.

More later,