A life recap.

I am up to a billion things right now. Here's a brief selection for you:
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I am camped out on the couch watching the Pens game. If you ask me, we are crushing them right now even though it's only 1-0. We just seem like we're dominating. It's freaking hockey, so this could all turn on us in two to four seconds, so let's not get the cart before the horse. I'll feel comfortable when it's 3-0. 
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I've really been enjoying reporting for Examiner. So far I've had 5 stories up, and they've all been pretty well read. None better than my article about gay marriage, so maybe we'll spend a little bit more time on that topic. Gotta give the people what they want. If you're interested in supporting a new and budding journalist, click on that pretty blue link at the top of the J-Blog.
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I may have bronchitis. I had a sinus thing a couple of weeks ago, and I even took a week off to try to shake it. Now I can't stop coughing. WebMD seems to think it's bronchitis. I'm hoping to get with a doctor tomorrow before you all start mothering me over the internet. 
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I try my very best not to be political on this blog. It's supposed to be either about youth ministry or the useless recounting of whatever is on my mind at the moment. However, I feel the need to plug Natalia Rudiak. 
I was shocked a couple of months ago when Natalia herself called me to explain what she was running for (things like making sure the roads get plowed here in Overbrook), and to ask for my support. I was stunned to think that a candidate would call herself, rather than a volunteer or whatever. So my love of clear roadways and personal touches led me to pledge my support to her.
Then tonight, she showed up herself at my door. I've already had some volunteers from the other campaigns stop by, but she's the first to stop by herself. We really didn't even talk about the campaign, she just wanted to get me in on some existing community organizing that's going on around here. Class act I tell ya.
If you're anything like me, when it comes to city council in sill elections you play rock paper scissors in your head or pick the candidate with the coolest sounding name (another reason Miss Rudiak will have my vote...). But I think Rudiak will do awesome things for the south of Pittsburgh, so if you have a vote in the City, make your way to the polls on May 19th and vote!
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Let's go Pens!


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