Wednesday Night Post-Game: Batman

Hello friends!
First of all, the J-Blog theme had to change. The old one looked cool, but things like the time-stamp and the links above the page were a mess. Since I was kind of forced to take the day off to deal with the dry-wall guys, I thought I'd spend a little bit of time working on the theme. I would appreciate comments and suggestions, so long as they make me happy.
I've also really fallen out of the habit of blogging with any kind of regularity. So here we are, trying to get back in the habit of blogging after the major events at Westminster, most notably Veritas and the Bridge. There's only one Veritas left, so that will fade out over the summer. But I'm hoping to be doing some live-blogging at Alive via my iPhone, and we'll make sure to include all our little day trips on here as well. Habits are good, so I'm gonna get back in the saddle. get the idea.

Last night we had Veritas. There were only about three 6th graders who showed up, which kind of scared us a little bit after the 20 some 6th graders from last week. However, we really hyped up last week because it was move up night, and there was apparently some sort of concert last night. What can you do?

Before we even got to Veritas, we had problem solving 202. Last week, we had the full youth band play, and they brought the rock pretty hard core. We desperately wanted to have that again, but we had also all but promised that we would play dodgeball. Until the new worship room is finished, we're not going to have a space to do the full band every week other than the gym, which is where we play dodgeball.

We eventually figured out a way to make everything work with minmal headaches. It did involve playing dodgeball sideways in the gym, which gave panzies like me much less room to hide. 
 For worship last night, I got to sit in on the drums with the band. It's been a really long time since I sat down behind my kit, and I have to say it felt pretty good. Some day I tell you, we're going to buy a house where I will have a basement in which I can set up my kit and leave it there, able to be played at a moment's notice. But until then, I'll just hop in whenever I get a chance, including this Sunday at the Bridge. 
We've been going over the directions series again at Veritas, trying once again to put our mission statement out to the kids in a new and creative way. The mission statement at Veritas is actually hidden in our logo:
The first arrow represents redemption, the love of Jesus Christ given for us to forgive our sins. The second arrow is the reaction arrow, which asks the kids what it is they're going to do about the forgiveness that Christ has given them.  This is the third or fourth time I've tried to give the same three week series, trying to mix it up a little bit each time we do it. This year, I'm going with a "Heroes" theme, and for the reaction arrow, I went with Batman. 
The point was that Batman owes everything he does to one pivotal event in his past. He decided that rather than just sit on the couch after his parents were murdered, that he was going to get up and do something about it. While I didn't advocate vengeance in any form, the question to the kids was "If you believe what we talked about last week, that Jesus died for your sins, then what are you going to do about it?" The talk was going pretty well, except the middle school boys were being fidgety and disruptive, which is usually ok, but they were totally distracting me! But that's alright, Veritas was pretty good last night. 
So today I am at home while the dry-wall guys fix my dining room ceiling. I'm going to try plugging away at some more writing for a book idea I have in my head, one which will hopefully actually get written. More posts to come!