Writing Projects

It's 8:50 in the morning, and I'm not at our usual Wednesday breakfast. This makes me sad. I have to sit in my living room while the dude from the dry wall company fixes this:
Unfortunately, I think that it might be worse than this alone. I'm seeing a couple of more little cracks in other places in the ceiling, so this might be a bit of a bigger issue than first anticipated. 
**Note: The dude just looked at the ceiling, and said that is absolutely a bigger issue than first anticipated**
So I am stuck at home, and at the moment, I am procrastinating about some of the work I have ahead of me. I have two big projects that I need to get acomplished, and I should be significantly more worried about the one. Today, before Veritas, I must:
1) Write my talk- And by write, I mean write, not just polish. I have absolutely nothing on paper right now. Other than I'm going to start with Batman. 

Well, actually I know a little bit more. I know that I'm going to include "Sharkbomb" from the Original Batman movie. 
(Imagine this with a bomb inside it...)
But beyond those illustraitions, I have absolutely nothing. But strangely, I feel pretty good about the talk. It just seems like lately Ed and I are about as on our game as Sid and Geno.

We had move up night last week, and the new sixth graders are a ton of fun! We hope that they'll come back tonight, and enjoy hanging out with us as much as we enjoy hanging out with them. 
I'm also working on an announcement loop for tonight. We haven't done those in a while, and while we've been pretty good about communicating announcements, it would be nice to bring it back.
Wow, it's taken me almost an hour to write this post. Up and down and up and down. Gotta work.