If I believed in Karma...

Hello friendly blogger readers. 
Here's a story for everybody:
A couple of months ago, my wife accidentally washed a pair of pants that contained my iPhone in their pocket. Well, she didn't accidentally wash the pants. They just accidentally had my iPhone in their pocket. It was an incredibly bad time for me. I had so fallen in love with all the Apps, the ability to listen to music as loud as I'd like in my car without fearing that I would miss a call, the looks of envy on other youth pastors faces at NYWC. Now they were all gone. And I was sad...
I took the phone to the Apple Store, hoping to purchase a new one and kiss my three hundred dollars goodbye. I was nearly sent to an early grave when the lady behind the counter informed me that my new phone would actually cost me $600!!!!!!!!! Come on people, I'm a youth pastor. I don't think I've ever had a spare $600 to spend on a phone. I walked out sad and alone, down to the AT&T store, and picked up a Palm Centro. I passed the time by writing many sad poems. 

But then, hope sprung eternal. It was brought to my attention that Apple was offering a refurbished iPhone to owners of water-damaged iPhones for a mere $199. I was thrilled. With some generous donations from the parents for my birthday, I went to the Apple store and picked up the new digs. Happy days were here again.
 I spent all day yesterday re-establishing my settings on the olde iPhone, making it personalized and all ready for active duty. I played games like MonkeyBall and Pampi Jump. I made the occasional phone call. It was all going so swimmingly. Until...
Our roof collapsed. 
Sarah had noticed before we went to bed that there were cracks in the plaster above the table. We agreed that we should call our landlords in the morning, as it was 11:00 when we noticed this problem. Sarah wanted to move everything underneathe the cracks. I thought she was crazy. Admitting you're wrong is important in any marriage.
At about midnight, we heard a rather loud bang from the room beneath us. We knew exactly what it was. The plaster just came straight down.  Things that could have been ruined had I not listened to my wife:
My laptop.
My $2000 Guitar
Our super comfortable (yet structurally unsound) reading chair
If I believed in karma, I would say that entirely too much good stuff was happening to me that day, that things needed to balance out. I would simply say that weird stuff was happening at weird times. Either way, I got to have a pretty good chuckle at my roof fail.

Stay tuned, more to come tonight.



Adam Strawcutter said...

J, ouch man ouch...Glad to hear though that your geek status is back up to par with the rest of us. :)