Why Apple is taking over the world.

Another blog post! I told you I was going to be writing more!

I spent the day following the tweets from today's WWDC. For those of you who don't know, I'm a little bit of an Apple geek, ever since I got my first iBook a couple of years ago. I followed up with my current MacBook Pro (the old 15 inch model) and my second iPhone (again, I warn men everywhere to check their pants pocket before laundry day. Tragedy awaits those who refuse...)

Today was just another long line of new releases from Apple. Their laptops got a small facelift, the iPhone's new OS was released, and of course, there's the new physical iPhone (which, although cool, I don't think is worth the switch right now at least for me). But lost somewhere in the shuffle of today's activities was the announcement of Apple's new Mac operating system Snow Leopard.

I was excited to see all the features coming in over twitter this afternoon. Particularly the addition of Microsoft Exchange support is helpful for me, the lone Mac guy in an all PC office. But as I kept watching the updates, I reminded myself that I would probably skip this line of OS updates, as it's a bit too expensive to keep updating my OS every time they release something. Apple is known for a lot of things, but being affordable isn't one of them.

That is, of course until they announced that the upgrade from leopard to snow leopard is going to cost you a mere $29.

A quick list of things I've spent more money on:

  • Dinner and a movie on date night
  • 2 DVDs
  • Books

Crazy, huh? So I'm nearly certain that come September I will be the proud new owner of Snow Leopard for my beat up old laptop.

And really, that's my arguement for Apple right now. Though at the time of purchase, my laptop cost a bit more than most PCs, it's still alive and well. In fact, this has to be the only computer I've ever owned where I haven't noticed any kind of slow down since the day I bought it. Sure, it's been dropped a couple of times, resulting in some less than attractive dings and scratches, but this computer could be around for at least another 4 years or so, showing now signs of slowing down.

When you start to add up the cost of anti-virus software, ad-aware software, extras like MS Office and other such programs, and repair and upgrades at third party stores, I wonder what the overall cost of a PC compared to my Mac would actually be? When Windows 7 comes out, I wonder what the divide in cost will be compared to Snow Leopard? I'm willing to be it's a couple of hundred dollars.

There are some happy PC users out there, and if it's doing what you want then I encourage you to keep on keeping on But for Mac lovers like me, today was a pretty good day!