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Greetings all!
Two blog posts in one day? He must be losing his mind they say. Perhaps it's all the cups of coffee he's consumed. Perhaps it's the number of times he was hit in the head during a game of dodgeball. Perhaps he's just a little bit off kilter.
(insert whistle noise here)
No, in fact the reason for the second post is two fold. For starters, we just picked up a new computer to use at the Bridge, and I was spending the evening updating it with our worship software, library, and other stuff. It's a pretty slick little machine known as the Mac Mini:
It's a handsome little devil, and it's incredibly practical for what it will be used for at Westminster. It's portable enough that we can set up a couple of different stations in the church (WROC, youth wing, etc) where it can plug in and go crazy. And now that it supports dual screens, I'm a happy camper. 
But the other reason is the reclaiming of our family office. With Ed in town, Sarah and I did all the cleaning that was entirely overdue around the place, pushing the proverbial reset button on my writing sanctuary. 
While Ed was in town, we got to discuss writing and one of the new books that I'm working on right now. I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself, as I've been known in the past to suffer from chapter one disorder. But I feel pretty solid about the book so far, as I've got chapter one down and chapter three about half way there. So while I had the computer up here, I thought I'd chip away at chapter three a bit more. 
What's the book about? 
Tune in tomorrow!


The Romantic said...

For me there is no question. Having attended a Christian high school, our student counsil went to "leadership retreats" every fall. These were conferences with 300+ students form private schools in Western PA. They would bring in a speaker, and the worship team was made up of students from different schools (basically, if you had the skills, you signed up). I will never forget one evening of worship when in the midst of singing "Shout to the Lord" I had this overwhelming feeling of worshiping with all creation. Perhaps because the moment felt so intimate (between me and God), yet it was in the midst of hundreds of strangers. In my mind I could almost imagine myself before the throne of God. And, that feeling carried with me for days -- I lived for a while in a state where my thoughts were like a prayful dialogue. Its something I have cherished for years and I have never been able to re-create since.

Freyer said...

Thanks Colls. You have no idea how well this played out, and this is only the first week! Thanks!