Sunday Post-Game: The Invasion

Hello friends!
What a weekend indeed! I just got back home from dropping Ed Cyzewski off at the airport. It was super fun to have him in town and in our house, learning a bit about each other's worlds. He also did an incredible job at our Baccalaureate service Friday, and I assume an awesome job at the seminars this morning (I of course missed that part, I was downstairs at the Bridge).

Last night, Ed asked if he could pray over Sarah and I. To me, it seemed kind of out of the blue, but I always love a good prayer. We prayed about our dreams together, and about how God needed to protect us. I kid you not, I felt the presence of the Spirit in that prayer. It was powerful. It was like God kept whispering to us "There are big things ahead..." And in fact, it was due in large part to Ed's willingness to listen to the Spirit and go as God told him. 

This was not the kind of prayer that one simply participates in and then forgets about ten minutes later as the Penguins are down 5-0 in a critical game 5 (...we won't even go there...). This was the kind of prayer that lingers with you. The kind that keeps up with you and checks in on you when you're starting to forget what it's all about. Like a little toddler who tugs on your pant leg as you walk along the beach. 

Last night, after the humilation that was game 5, I sat down to work on the set list for the Bridge. Some people have been asking that we work on some newer songs, even if that means going back to some old ones that we haven't done in a while. So I pulled out this set list:

  • Let it rise
  • Save Your People
  • All Who are Thirsty
  • Hungry
  • Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
  • Hold Me Closer
It was Did You Feel that really got to me. I kept having this vision of what an invasion of the Holy Spirit would look like. I mean, what if it wasn't just some song, where theoretical mountains would shake, but a literal reality that this wild and untamable Spirit could invade out temples and over-turn our tables? What if the spirit, being alive and well, was active and moving in our midst? 

Worse yet, what if he already is and we're missing it? Was the Spirit any less prevalent in my life before Ed prayed with us, or was I just not as aware of it? Was I not quite as active in seeking it out, trying to find it in the places it's not often found? What if amazing things have been happening right under my nose, and I've been completely unaware?

But the good news is that I think God is moving right now. I think the mountains (both literal and figurative) will be shaking quite a bit in the days to come. Consider us all on alert!




Adam Strawcutter said...

Good show old friend. Glad to see how God is moving in your life. I am also happy to see that us as worship leaders are and will always be asked the question about new or old songs. I think that me myself have done that number of time and will prob always go back to old ones and learn new ones. Sometimes when you do a "old one" people think that it is a new one!!! Rock on and let me know when you want me to come up and rock out. peace.