Monday Morning Update

Good morning faithful readers. It's time for the Monday Morning update, a useless recounting of what's going on in my world. Go grab that cup of coffee, and let's dive in.
Current Listening: I got totally pumped when I found out that No Doubt was coming to town in June. I was less excited when I realized it was Matt's wedding date. However, this has not stopped me from listening to "Rock Steady" all week. Plus, No Doubt's new promo photo is sick business:

Current Reading: Back into Jesus for President. I'm hoping to finish it today, because I'm contemplating a sermon about Religion and Politics. Am I nuts???
Bible Study: One of the only new years resolutions that I'm still hot on the trail of. Must stay strong!
The Gym: Ed and Matt have been helping me get back into it. Need to keep it up.
Big Project: Nothing at all. It is a lazy day!

Catch ya later!