Studio Blog Day 3: The Long and Winding Road

Greetings again. 
The new album is starting to take a bit more shape after the last few days. For starters, it looks a lot more like a Westminster Adult Worship Team Album (or WAWTA) than it does a solo joint. The gang seems pretty pumped to be a part of this, so I'm trying to work my way through my parts now as quickly as I can so we can get them involved. 
Here are some highlights that I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks:
  • There are spaces set up in each track for four, count em, four different vocalists (me, Ed, Alan, and Linda). Now if only I were as good as the other three...
  • In addition to the worship band, we're hoping to have special guest spots for cool people like Curt Scott, Dan Shaffer, Ben Beitzel, and a bunch of other people. Rock.
  • Speaking of Dan Shaffer, we're going to have a percussion day, where we set up a ton of percussion instruments (as well as items that were not intended to be percussion instruments but can be) and playing along in a room. Should be interesting
  • We're looking to add one or both of the kids choirs on "Loving Wings" to end the album. I have big plans.
Today I spent some time setting up some more acoustic guitar tracks. I finished "Hold Me Closer" and "Lights of Eden", as well as the intro track tentatively titled "Prelude" (I swear before it comes out I will come up with a better name than that...anyone have any suggestions?) I don't have my chart with me at home, but I think I only have 4 or 5 more songs to do for the acoustic. Then I'm going to go back and lay down some scratch vocals. Then Ed has to set up his two songs. Then we have to get the rest of the band in the studio. Then we have to bring in special guests. Man, we have a lot to do!

My goal this week is to get all of my stuff set up enough that people can start recording over it next week. I think that's reasonable, especially if I block out some time on Tuesday for a solid session. 

And if I can keep myself from playing too much Mario Kart in the breaks...
Last post will come later tonight. Topic: Plans.