Sunday Post-Game: Where have you been?

(I searched "Where have you been?" in Google images, and an alarming number of cats showed up. This one is the creepiest.)
Hey everybody!
I have been far away, and I'm so very sorry about that. I think it was necessary though, to just unplug and have some time to focus. I have a bunch to update you on, so I'm going to try to push through 3 blog posts today (!) to keep everything organized in it's nice neat little place. Ready? 
This weekend was a big weekend of worship for us. Last night we some chums (Fred, Ben, and Jeff) and I traveled to Peter's Creek Church ( to lead their Saturday Worship service. I am so very lazy, so we did the same set list both last night and this morning. It looked a lot like this:
  • Hold Me Closer
  • God of Wonders
  • Save Your People Oh Lord (New Song)
  • Amazing Grace (Campfire)
  • Mighty to Save 
  • Let it rise
It took me until we were half way through the sermon last night to realize that it was one of the first sets I had done in a while that didn't include a Crowder song (gasp!) I made up for it by wearing my DC*B squirrel shirt today, which led several people to ask me why a squirrel was their logo. Yes, why indeed...
That's nuts! (Pun intended)
On Tuesdays, pastor Jim has started including the staff in a discussion about his intended sermon for the week. While this is incredibly benefical to the preacher in question, I have been finding it especially benefitial for us in worship leadership. If we have an hour's worth of discussion that gives me a bit of insight to the direction he's taking, I can do a better job of lining up the theme of the songs with the theme of his message. A bunch of people came up to me and said that the songs and the sermon went together
(Eh, this is people's choice. Pick your favorite analogy)
People genuinely seemed to have fun this morning too, so we're moving in the right direction. I think I might have some exciting news for us on the technology front soon too. 
Coming soon: Studio Blog Day 3


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thanks for including Let It Rise in your set list...


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