Wednesday Night Post-Game: Go-Karts and Temptation

Greetings bloggers,
Last night was pretty awesome. Not so much for the planned activities on the night, but more for the stuff that came before and after the planned activities. It was just a good night of youth ministry, which was very badly needed. 
The day started with some craziness around Ed's mission trip. Last year we planned a trip to grand rapids for some mission work. No one signed up. This of course is best represented by the following image:
But then as Ed planned a trip to South Carolina this year, the number of people interested switched the image to look something like this:
I felt horrible, but we actually had to turn a couple of kids away from the trip. Too many people signed up. The good news? This all happened a week before the deadline. A week people! Our kids are on top of things!
For a game this week we played Gold Rush. It s a simple game in which people attempt to move tennis balls from one side of the gym to the other. Good times. No one died either, and that was wonderful.
Ed led the worships, and then we split for talk time. Honestly, it felt like the kids were in and out of focus for the official talk portion of the evening. Again, that would have bothered me more if we hadn't had such a great time with the kids before and after Veritas, getting to know what they were going through, what they were dealing with, and what was on their minds. It was an actual great night of youth ministry, as opposed to the nights which more often resemble this:
That's all for now. See you soon!