Studio Blog Day 2

Hello everybody!
I am so sorry I've been missing for a little while here. I've been busy. 
Ed went to Hawaii and left me in charge for another week. Matt came to Veritas that Wednesday (which was what, like a month ago?) and filled in. He did spectacular! When Ed got home, we started gearing up for a meeting we have tomorrow about our future goals and plans for Veritas. It has been one of the most exciting weeks for me in Youth Ministry, to think of all the plans that we're working on right now, if even 2% of them come true, I will be super pumped. We're going in the right direction.
Last Friday we played a show at Westminster. It was supposed to be at Farmhouse, but they accidentally double booked the show (don't worry, we'll be back soon) so we moved it back home. It was an awesome time! Ed, Ben (Beitzel) and Curt played with me, and we didn't have that bad of a crowd either. It was awesome.
All that focus on the music side of my Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde had me all kinds of jazzed to get into the studio and work on some stuff. Today I finished guitar tracking on Chemwehmweh and Loving Wings, and I completely finished my role on Redemption Song. Though after the discussions we were having Tuesday night, it may turn into a band album rather than a solo album by the time things are said and done. Good things are in the works. 
But all of this is by way of saying I may not be around the blog much in the coming days. You'll all just have to learn to suffer through without me.