Studio Blog Day 1.5

Greetings bloggers!
I wrapped up the sermon yesterday. I'm pretty pumped about it. Deffinately old school J Freyer preachin. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow I suppose.
About a month ago I started working on a follow up record to my critically acclaimed "Between the Trees" (if everyone's a critic, and my mom liked it, then it's critically acclaimed.)At the moment the studio has moved into my house, and I'm starting out with some pre-production. Basically, figuring out which songs I want to include on the CD, what tempos they're going to be recorded at, and if I'm lucky, I'll set up the track for people to play along to later. I started on "Chemwehmweh", and had to give up because my fingers weren't doing as they were told. So a quick blogging break to get me out of my own head, and then I'm back to the grind. It would be nice to have this CD done by the sum sum summertime. 
Keep me in your prayers!